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The Network for Congenital Uro-REctal malformations (CURE-Net) is a federal program for the research of  Malformations of the uro-rectal septum including anorectal malformations (ARM) and the exstrophy-epispadias-complex (EEC).  This congenital malformations arise by reason of embryonic aberration of the uro-rectal septum and pose an enormous challenge for patients and their families. The aim of CURE-Net is to use modern genetic and molecular biological research to understand the causes of uro-rectal malformations and to evaluate the postoperative treatment outcome and different aftercare procedures by multicenter, clinical and psychosocial research via standardized examination procedures prospectively and by a cross-sectional study. We invite each concerned person, each physician who is in contact with these patients and each interested person to participate to the

1st CURE-Net International Conference – October 21st to 22nd, 2011
1st CURE-Net Patient Information-Day – October 23rd, 2011
in Heidelberg, Germany

Final Program CURE-Net Conference 2011

On this conference we will present first results of the CURE-Net work done so far an discuss many interesting and challenging topics concerning congenital uro-rectal malformations. On this sites you find information about the CURE-Net-Conference. We would really appreciate to welcome you in Heidelberg and look forward to see you,

best regards,

PD Dr. med. Stefan Holland-Cunz

Head of Paediatric Surgery Unit University of Heidelberg

Nicole Schwarzer   

Networkmanager CURE-Net  & Chairwoman SoMA e.V.

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